Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence. Once, one guy have said that if he would get a dollar every time someone talks about the artificial intelligence at work, he will be very rich.That sounds funny and at first you may think that he works in Google on artificial intelligence project. The case is that not just Google employees talk about artificial intelligence, but even children discuss this topic. This is because artificial intelligence is here and now and it bothers people.
Why? Typically, this topic is associated with sci-fi movie Terminator. As you remember, the plot of the movie is about the network with the name Skynet. This network was smart and in this network was implemented artificial intelligence, which later captured the world. And right now the best minds of our age are working on artificial intelligence development, which is already successfully implemented in many spheres of our lives. There are a lot of rumors and arguments about artificial intelligence. If the artificial intelligence turns out to be evil, the destruction will be inevitable. Now that is just fantastic predictions, while reality is quite different and at least now artificial intelligence turns out to be very useful and helpful.

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Let me clarify what is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines. It has become an essential part of the technology industry.
Research associated with artificial intelligence is highly technical and specialized. The core problems of artificial intelligence include programming computers for certain traits such as:

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As a rule people think about artificial intelligence in terms of intelligent machines, I mean robots. In fact, artificial intelligence is not just human-like intelligent machines. Now artificial intelligence is widely used in web development and there are a lot of worldwide famous brands which use artificial intelligence technology, but it doesn’t even have shape it is virtual and runs on the computer or is kind of intelligent machines.


Google, is world-famous tech company and it’s not a secret, that they use artificial intelligence. Google is world famous search engine. The main aim for Google is Google search engine optimisation for better user experience. Google uses artificial intelligence to optimise Google search engine, make search results more relevant and provide better user experience. Google uses artificial intelligence to learn more about clients, where they typically eat out, the location of their home and work etc. Google also pulls in information from events and emails to show people the information they might want to see as quickly as possible. Google’s personal assistant over time while learn more about the user to help them find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. So, Google uses advanced artificial intelligence’s feature. This feature is learning by collecting your personal information. Google is watching you. Are you scared?

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The one more interesting fact about google. Google search engine optimisation is not the one sample of artificial intelligence usage. Google has a new project Google Digital News Initiative program. Google invested 800 thousands dollars in the new project Reporters and Data and Robots (RADAR) for British Press Association.
Articles, written by robots, based on the collected on the Web information is project concept. Now the project is on the stage of developing but it is expected the project will start working the next year. Google intelligent machines will create 30 thousands articles per month. These journalists with artificial intelligence will be used to collect more data and improve working. Google says, that bots will not substitute people, so there is nothing to worry about for people.


Facebook is a global social media network, which uses artificial intelligence too. Facebook improves customer service as well as Google thanks to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence learns user’s personal information, likes, dislikes and the slightest changes in users preferences. As a result everyone get the most interesting and relevant posts in News Feed, also relevant suggested friends, groups and many other. This is how it works. Facebook is watching you too. Are you scared now?

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Another one big brand using artificial intelligence is IBM. They have great success in intelligent machines development. They’ve invented an intelligent machine Supercomputer Watson. Watson has key cognitive capabilities such as human has. For instance Japanese insurance company have replaced 34 employees by Supercomputer Watson. At the beginning it seemed very rude to substitute people with an intelligent machine, but it is supposed to be the commonplace in couple years in certain industries.


Now artificial intelligence is one of the most popular web and mobile development trends. You can find a variety of chat bots implemented to apps, intelligent machines which can learn and answer the questions and other implementation of artificial intelligence in technology industry. Now you can see suggested videos for you in Youtube and even relevant advertisements. I want to say, that artificial intelligence becomes necessity in contemporary world and it’s silly to deny this fact. For instance Watson is available as a set of open APIs and SaaS products. This is the wide range of opportunities for technology industry.
Day by day computers become smarter, they can learn, think and day by day turn to humanlike. The truth is that people are already get used to intelligent machines and day by day society wants more and more. Now we are looking forward to new artificial intelligence developments.

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