Custom application development VS Off-The-Shelf solution

Anyone who provides web development services often hears a question: if it is better to use a custom solution or off-the-shelf services provided by another software development company. New web development gives full control and ownership of intellectual property when using ready software solutions saves some development time and costs.

Any web development project as well as mobile application development starts with planning. While planning think what is the main value of your future web-site or mobile application. Keeping that in mind consider the following

Benefits of custom application development

having every single component of your mobile application or web application or a website developed with your own resources gives you a power to solve any problem with only your resources. You have full control of the development and you have all code on your own servers. You also have the web developer, who created this app, at your service.

only you and your web development team will decided when to release solution updates and what kind of updates they will be. You will not be dependent on updates by community and so will not risk your solution going out of date

the code you've created will live for as long as you want it to live. It often happens that software development companies and other services decide to stop providing services at some point. It happens even to the most popular online development companies. And they resign leaving large web platforms doomed to grow out of date if not loose a part of their build just like that.

Benefits of ready-made solutions

why spend tons of money on a mobile application development solution if somebody already did it for you? Yes, because of all the three reasons above. That is if the mobile application solution you are working on is truly complex and you have funds to support development. And if we are talking about a simple lib to implement some mediocre feature... is it really worth it?

dealing with ready-made solutions requires reading documentation. Sometimes tons of it. And by the look of it you can say that professional web development took place so that you are able to use online web development solution. Large development teams work on those solutions, They spend years testing web development solutions. They also have communities of users who report any issues they find. Do you really have the time and resources to reproduce the same quality result?

if you are stuck there is a large community of professional web developers and simply brilliant people to help you find a solution. That is of course if the community still exists.

Again, that free will takes its place. Look at what you are building, think of what your priorities are and make your right decision. Any decision you make will be right because it is yours. Don't hesitate to choose

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