Global problem: Fake News problem. Solve it or die trying

Nowadays, it is a moto of nearly every huge player out there. Why the fake news problem is such an important question? Is it because the social media today turned into this huge tool one can use to control minds? Is it because the power of information has never been so enormous and so out of control as it is today? One way or another, when players like Facebook and Google can no longer stay idle, there must be something very important about this issue.

Fake news in social media

World-wide social network websites and those more specific (narrowed per area) social networks has become this huge hub connecting people. Website development industry has experienced a great spike of requests to build a social network for browsers and mobile devices. Facebook success was such a great inspiration which made digital entrepreneurs all around the world go down with this "I need a social network website built" flue. Social network platforms like Facebook give people this community. We are wired to crave and a feeling of somewhat control over world events in a form of being able to express themselves to the whole world.

It is a great place to shout out to the whole world about something important. And it is a great place to draw attention even when one has nothing important and, most important, real to shout out about. Eventually it brings us to the fake news problem. The fake news problem has been there for a while and became especially actual after American election. The elections of Donald Trump. Words like big data, world-wide conspiracy and fake news issue became trends again. Indeed, while going through social network website a normal user is exposed to a number of shared posts from their Facebook friends and it is hard to say what is the original source of that information. As a result, instead of keeping us more informed social websites today keep us more confused and feed us the fake information.

How many of us have time to check every article we read? Not many. It is a habit already to just believe what Google search tells us and what Facebook sharing suggests us. As a result, any fake news, any fake issue can be spread through Facebook sharing and any other social network and made into a true story (and even worse exaggerated), because the more people has shared it the more truthful the story looks like.

Facebook news sharing

Today, we have so many information flooding into our social network profiles, social network mobile applications, email accounts, that we do not have enough human capacity to process it all let alone analyze it. Following feature of social network websites allows us to somehow tailor the news feed we can to read every morning. Still, with the time it gets corrupted since people we follow also follow someone else and they start sharing posts to Facebook and within Facebook which would never imagine them to. Statistic shows us that many of us never read to the end. We simply do not have time for that. A heading of an article or the first two paragraphs will make our minds about the social media article and define whether or no we will share it through Facebook sharing mechanism.

Without reading the whole article we can not really what it says. At that is how every one of us becomes a part of the fake news problem mechanism. Sharing article to Facebook or within it, sharing articles through instant messengers and sharing articles from the websites we stumbled upon is what makes it near to impossible for great minds to solve the fake news problem. Still it does not mean they will stop trying

Trending ways to kill the fake news issue
Most ways come down to a human control of the fake news problem. We need someone to actually read the articles which are shared through social media and approve and disapprove them for us. This is how Facebook suggests to solve this problem. They believe a third party authority should be reviewing posts shared through Facebook and making a resolution on them. They also believe, Facebook users should be alarmed of news fakeness level before being let to share an article through Facebook.

Similar approach took entrepreneurs from Canada, working on Wise News Feed social network. This brand new social network platform was recently presented in Dallas. Their approach is somehow similar to what Facebook is doing. However, they have decided to not go to third parties and bring the authority directly to their social network platform. Wise News Feed will engage specifically chosen experts to participate in news flow. Each expert responsible for a certain news category. Each with a right to vote and comment on news posted through the social media platform. Thus, news delivered to users will have a quality mark on them.

This approach already attracts a lot of interest and attention to Wise News Feed project. Here at WONDERSLAB LTD we believe in this approach and are proud to be a part of this project.

Even though we do not see fake news going away from our lives just yet, we are already very optimistic that social network websites and social networks mobile applications will soon become free of fake and provocative stuff.

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