Is it worth hiring outsourcing software development company?

Do you find yourself asking following questions:

If you find yourself in at least one of the questions above you are 50% qualified to hire an outsourcing software development team

What about these:

If you find yourself in at least one of the questions above it is 50% odds you definitely need an agency and not a freelancer

And if you find yourself in both sections above - you are a perfect candidate to hire outsourcing software development team.

And while considering this decision you will also be considering alternative solutions which are:

  • Build your own development team
  • Hire local service providers
  • Hire a freelancer


Hiring outsourcing software development team is less expensive and painful

If you build your own team you have to build an environment for the team to work: office, office furniture, work equipment. That will call for some good expenses even before you start doing anything project related. While when hiring outsourcing software development team you don't have to worry about it. They already have everything they need for comfortable work.

Next step for you will be actually BUILDING a team. Have you heard about 5 stages of team development by Bruce Tuckman? If you haven't, the cliffnotes version would be:
At first everybody is playing nice, but that's not how they really feel. Really they feel confused
Nex, everyone becomes unhappy and you need to guide the whole team through this stage by talking, mediating (could take quite some time) and making rules

If you did everything right now people would start to calm down and start producing some results
They are actually working and producing results
You keep improving in order to stay efficient or start over

While when hiring outsourcing software development team you work with a team who has already been through all those stages. They already have rules and know how to work with each other. It will save you good 2 months of overall project development time. Sounds excessive considering that average project can be built within 2-3 months (MVP)


Hiring outsourcing software development agency will save you some money

Average rate for US or UK based iOS or Android developer is $80 per hour. Middle and senior web developers rates will be within the same range. While you can hire a middle/senior software developer from Ukraine for $30-$45 per hour.


Hiring outsourcing software development agency will guarantee you a reliable partner

You can hire a middle/senior software freelancer from Ukraine for even less than $30-$45 per hour. Really, you can hire a person for around $15-$20 per hour, sometimes even $10.

The benefit of hiring an agency instead of a freelancer is with an agency you get a reliable partner. Agencies have a reputation to protect. They have responsibilities and obligations to their employees and other customers.

While a freelancer may suddenly disappear agencies are in it for a long run. And it is not that easy to disappear when you have an office and a whole bunch of people working there.

Plus, even if someone from a team will get sick or will be unavailable for other reasons, an agency has enough talents to make sure it will not be a problem for your project.

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