Mobile app development: which platform to start with

When you start asking this questions means you are about to start mobile application development. Since you are still asking this question means you are in a research stage. Probably you are wondering if it is even a good idea, maybe it calls for some refinements. You are probably wondering how much it will cost and if you can actually support mobile application development. And since you still have all that doubts you are probably looking for saving development costs and try the water, before you invest massively.

And that is a brilliant decision! So, what is the best way to save development costs? Definitely not by hiring cheap developers. You will pay twice. It's not an opinion, it's statistics. What's left? Cutting features of a mobile application, which is not always that easy. The next thing that comes to mind - build for only one platform first. And that is one of the best approaches you could think of. See, it is easier already, you only have one question left: which platform to start with.

One of the ways to reduce costs is to make greater revenue. You probably know that already. Which means when choosing a platform think which one has the bigger audience. Because the bigger your target audience is the bigger your conversion is. It is easier to hit an extensive goal.

Platform Dilemma

Let's talk worldwide. Apple, Android and Huawei are leaders in this market, as Device Atlas reports . And, based on statistics from 2015, Android takes over the worldwide market: almost 22% of all mobile devices owners choose Android devices over others. Apple follows, almost 19% of all mobile devices owners. Huawei - almost 9%. Surprise surprise - Huawei (even though announced their own OS) run on Android. And that makes Android the absolute world champion!

CONCLUSION: if you are aiming worldwide probably it is a good idea to start with Android application development. I suggest checking per country statistics if you are aiming at specific countries.

Revenue Factor

Yes, Android mobile devices (And so an Android mobile app) dominate the market. They win in a quality department. However, they do not in revenue. It has always been so and remains today so that iPhone users are more willing to pay. They pay twice as much (in average) as Android users do (thank you Android Authority ). At the same time, iOS application will bring you more money if you add inAppPurchase and Android application can actually win you some big bucks in utility department

CONCLUSION is pretty much obvious.

Development Costs Assumption

No, Android application development in not cheaper. That is an illusion. There is a brilliant and hard working coder behind every good mobile application. It does not matter if they code on Objective-C, or Java, or Swift. They plan, they structure, they solve problems, they implement your product ideas to life. Purchase statistics can't and won't affect the value of their services. One difference is that iOS application development fast or rather a bit faster in comparison to Android application development. This is due to some technical differnces of development environment. As a rule, Android development will take about 20%-30% more then similar iOS application.

CONCLUSION you can't put a price on brilliant brains who agrees to implement your ideas to life

These just facts I managed to collect during my career and surfing through the website of some smart guys. Take this info as source data and make your decision for yourself

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