Partnership with OpenTok

In our time you have to download applications and go through long registration process to give audio and video calls. It’s annoying, but imagine the world where you have opportunity to add video or audio chats to all your devices easily in a moment. WebRTC technology suggests us it’s solution. WebRTC technology enables live audio and video communication over peer-to-peer connections in a moment without registration any account.

What is WebRTC technology?

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a collection of communications protocols and application programming interfaces that enable real-time communication over peer-to-peer connections. WebRTC technology uses web browser as an application. Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera are browsers, supporting WebRTC technology. WebRTC technology usage in your browser gives you such advantages as live audio and video calls, chats, sharing data.

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What are advantages of WebRTC technology?

  • The first one is its free-of-charge base. WebRTC technology is an open-source application programming interface (API).

  • The second one is its security, in WebRTC technology is used SRTP, which allows secure communication and shuts out the wiretapping. As you see you don’t need to create any accounts to keep your conversation safe, while account can be hacked.

  • Another one is that WebRTC technology doesn’t depend on any platform or device, it runs in any supported browser, so it’s possible to create live video or audio connection between two WebRTC devices.

  • One more advantage is adaptation to network conditions, so you can use WebRTc technology even with unstable Internet connection anyway.

  • The last one advantage is fast mobile application development, based on WebRTC technology. The truth is that developers don’t need to learn WebRTC in-depth, because there are companies providing APIs with box solution, for instance TokBox partnership provides us box solution. In the end we get safe and comfortable live video streaming application.

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Top live video streaming applications

Live video streaming applications are one more benefit in mobile industry nowadays that use WebRTC technology. They serve us as mass media, help in business and also connect us with friends and family. It’s very comfortable to communicate with someone in real time and in any distance. Live video streaming applications ease sharing your moments with friends, family, in business, also get something new. There is a huge amount of iOS video applications and Android video applications and I want to tell you about some of them.

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Our company has good experience in WebRTC technology use. Look through our portfolio.

Applications we’ve developed:

  • Instabit is live video streaming application. The app allows users to participate as Tutors or Students (live video streaming). Tutors can set a list of questions they can be asked. Students just need to tap on the question and they will get connected to the available Tutor immediately.

  • BDEO is live video streaming application. It has interactive calls, ability to draw on a screen, ability to save the image with drawings, live video streaming and a very complex user roles structure.

  • Fishbole is one more live video streaming application in our portfolio. It’s comfortable service for business video presentations.

Periscope as mobile application, Azar as mobile application, Instabit, BDEO, Fishbole and others are live video streaming applications and if you want the same one, contact us.

OpenTok or TokBox

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Today Wonderslab takes a step towards new developments! We have concluded TokBox (Opentok) partnership. We are really grateful to Leigh Cohen, Opentok's Head of Partnerships - EMEA for help and cooperation.
OpenTok(Tokbox) is a world-famous and the most comprehensive set of mobile solutions for WebRTC technology. Get your app up and running quickly with advanced features, control, and wide device support. The OpenTok platform, developed by TokBox, makes it easy to embed high-quality interactive video, voice, messaging, and screen sharing into web and mobile apps.

OpenTok partnership

  • Let’s clear it up. But for SDKs or APIs live video streaming application development with WebRTC technology is quite complex. The thing is that developer’s company have to spend nearly one year or more to code all live video streaming application’s features and setup a server so only than your application will run. It’s very long term and too expensive thing to do, that’s why OpenTok partnership is good news.

  • OpenTok provides our clients Android SDKs or iOS SDKs to ease live video streaming application development and charges for usage. The SDK is supported on high-speed Wi-Fi and 4G LTE networks.

  • Our clients will get OpenTok partnership special prices, I mean good discount, so Android video application or iOS video application will cost less.

  • Also OpenTok’s support.

  • Access to the beta features. So we get complete package SDKs for live video streaming applications development as video, audio calls, messengers, sketchers etc. By the way, OpenTok provides both mobile (Android and iOS) and web solutions for WebRTC.

Meanwhile live video streaming applications gain traction, we are ready for new orders and new developments.

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