Questions to ask when you hiring a mobile app company

If your company don’t have an app for business, it’s matter of time, because app for business is great tool to increase you revenue. In contemporary world people use mobile devices and tablets all the time, so app is the best way to reach them. Mobile development is a great opportunity to simplify business process and make customers happy.
App for business may have a wide variety of features, where customers can buy your product, or just watch product reviews, videos, receive notifications about loyalty programs etc. Mobile development is a very significant stage for business. That’s why, you should hire seasoned developer, who you can trust to build an app. This stage may be very confusing, if you don’t know code and right questions to ask about mobile development to choose the best presentee to build an app.

Here are questions to ask about mobile development, which help you to understand who is the right person.

Question #1

Where can I find your portfolio?

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Qualified mobile app company has portfolio and can give you list of successfully launched apps and links on the App Store and Google Play, where you can check these apps.
The best way to judge about mobile app company’s experience is to take a look at their portfolio. Qualified mobile app company gladly share their portfolio and also places portfolio on their website. You should download few apps and test to make sure you like them or not. If you like portfolio of mobile app company, probably you will like your app too.
If mobile app company hesitates to share links on apps, probably they are not experienced, then, you should find right mobile app company.

Question #2

Can I speak with your current and past customers?

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Qualified mobile app company kindly provides testimonials about mobile development, but when you get a list of apps and testimonials, there is no credit, that all these apps are developed by this mobile app company. So, the only way to verify the authenticity is direct contact to candidates’ customers.
Also, personal contact gives you an opportunity to check how reliable is this mobile app company. You may ask candidates’ customers any questions about mobile development, time limits, budget and other questions, which bother you.
So, you can get testimonials not just about the result, but also about the process.

Question #3

What is the price and payment terms?

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If you feel confidence after personal contact with candidates’ customers, you can start negotiation about the price of mobile development and payment terms.
Mobile development cost varies from developer to developer, moreover cost can increase when you add some extra features and functionalities in the middle of the development process. That’s why, before hiring mobile app company to build an app, make sure you have full idea of your project to avoid any extra payments. ALso, make sure, you have enough budget considering extra expenses, which may happen during mobile development. The price of mobile development vary, depending on many factors. The most basic price vary from $3.000 to $7.000. Also, when you add extra functionality in the middle of the project, the price of mobile development will rise. The final budget decision is yours, have a written agreement that specifies the payment method, terms, prepay, and other details.

There are actually, 2 types of payments:

1st: Payment per sprint. Mobile app company estimates the whole project, then you get fixed price, mobile app company builds an app and you pay partially per sprint. Sprint is a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review.

2nd: Payment per hour. Mobile app company estimates the project duration and you negotiate hourly rate of mobile development. You get an approximate price and pay per hour of mobile development.

Question #4

How will we communicate during mobile development?

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If you are satisfied with mobile development cost and payment type, you can move to the further step. At this point you should decide how will you communicate through mobile development. Remember, that final result depends on how efficient is your communication with developers who build an app and Project Manager. It’s important to connect them constantly to make sure that they are working and doing everything right.

Question #5

What special features can you impelement?

Qualified mobile app company can suggest you a lot of special features for mobile development. Mobile app company can build an app with such features as 3d animation, SM share button, GPS check-ins, Web RTC technology etc. You wonder, why is it important to implement such special features, when you build an app. The truth is, that in contemporary world you can’t impress an use just with the app, you should suggest something special.

Question #6

How will you test my app?

The last thing you want to do is launch an app with a bunch of bugs and broken features. Testing is probably the most significant part when you build an app. The best choice is agile testing. Agile testing is integral part of mobile development, along with coding. Mobile app company builds an app and provides you test versions of app and fixes bugs immediately throughout mobile development. As a result an agile project will never be more than a month off target, because of bugs.

These are the most important questions to ask guys, who you hire to build an app. Also, there is a list of other questions to help you to make a right choise:

  • How much experience do you have building the specific features needed for my app?

  • How focused are you on design and user experience?

  • Who will own an app?

  • How can my app make money?

  • Will you submit my mobile app to app stores?

  • Is there anything that would prevent the project from being successful?

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