The best option to outsource development tasks

Outsourcing, what is this? It’s literally the process of getting sources out. If you need any type of service and you can’t get the service single-handed, you should hire an outsourcing company. To hire an outsourcing company you need to search for the one at first. Typically there are two type of companies:

  • The first one is a product company. These companies represent their products, and sell services. For instance has the product “Check my code”. Here you have an opportunity to use the already existing product and you pay for the usage.

  • The second one is an outsourcing company. Outsourcing companies suggest their services to help people create their own product. So, product company sells ready products, while outsourcing company creates new products for customers.

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What are the reasons to hire an outsourcing company?

  • You need a new high tech product( e.g. mobile application development) and seasoned team, so you hire an outsourcing company.

  • Your team's experience is not enough.

  • You need some help with your project, but hiring more people is too expensive.

Types of outsourcing companies

So, you’ve decided to hire an outsourcing company to develop your product, the next step is deciding which to choose, because there are actually 3 types of them:

  • Local outsourcing company. These companies are located in your country or even in your city, it’s comfortable to come there anytime you need and to check the process, whether is is a small mobile application development or a large web app development. You have an opportunity to negotiate any further questions. But bear in mind that to hire an outsourcing company is quite expensive, I mean local outsourcing company, when you live in such countries as USA, GB, France, Germany ets, because these countries have very high social standard of living, so local prices are high, you knew, the medium price of mobile application development is nearly 100-250$ per hour.

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  • Offshore outsourcing company. At present, most of these companies are located in Asia. It’s really hard not to fall for cheap prices. Offshore outsourcing companies take 10-18$ per hour. You realise that mobile application development may turn out incredibly cheap. So, you want to hire an outsourcing company from Asia. But keep in mind, that cheap and quality are not always common terms, so be attentive, when you hire an outsourcing company. As a rule one more inconvenience arises when you hire an offshore outsourcing company because it takes a lot of money and time to come to this country if you have any problems with your project, but it’s still cheap.

  • One more type is nearshore outsourcing company. Nearshore outsourcing companies are located in the Eastern Europe, so, if you live in Western Europe, it’s comfortable enough for you to come and negotiate any questions about your project. This region is particularly topical because it’s the happy mean between local outsourcing company and offshore outsourcing company. Nearshore outsourcing companies offer a full range of services and have highly educated staff, so you project will be quality. Did you know, people in Ukraine, in Poland etc. have very common culture and speak English very good? So there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding between you and your nearshore outsourcing company. Did you know, the medium price of mobile application development is nearly 25-50$ per hour? So, the fact is that nearshore outsourcing company is the perfect balance if you need quality and not too expensive service. This is a perfect outsourcing choice for projects requiring creative thinking and experimental tasks.

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Development cost in Ukraine

I want to tell you a bit about development cost in Ukraine. There are couple factors, that influence the development cost in Ukraine.

  • The first one is the city, because salaries in different cities vary. For example salaries in Kiev are far higher than in Zaporizhzhia, so time rates also will be higher in Kiev.

  • One more factor is seniority. The more experience developer has, the higher the payment gets. There are actually 3 levels: junior developer (0-2 years of experience), middle developer (2-5 years of experience), senior developer (5+ years of experience). The higher seniority your developer has, the higher development cost in Ukraine will be.

  • And the last one is the type of technology. So, if you need a simple desktop website you’ll get one development cost in Ukraine and if you need web application, you’ll get the other development cost in Ukraine.

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So, the cheapest way to pay for outsource web development in Ukraine is to give a weight to all factors, that influence development cost in Ukraine.

1) You need to hire a team from a city like Zaporizhzhia, because there time rates is lower, than in other cities.

2) Than you need a developer or a junior developer.

3) Ready! Now you’ve got the cheapest development cost in Ukraine. Enjoy your project! is an outsourcing company from Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia, contact us, we’ll be happy to help you!

Why Ukraine?

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